In 2015, I donated a kidney to my cousin’s wife. Since the day I heard about the need for this extra organ we all carry around, until today (July 20, 2017), my two year check up, I’ve been contemplating sharing my memoirs.  By contemplating, I mean actually writing them.  I’ve started and stopped at different times but recently when asked to donate to a co-worker’s friend’s kidney donation fund on Facebook, I thought I must start a blog. After all, my experience over and above a monetary gift, may inspire someone out there to become a donor. Going through a health scare with my own child, I understand the gift of life. With the blessing of abundant health for me and my son, I figured by not writing or sharing, I may actually be depriving someone more time with their loved one.  This blog will be a place to see how a pretty normal mom decided to give the gift of life, recovered and discovered some wonderful things along the way.